Digital Forensics

CY4 is a leading company of digital forensics services. We primarily specialise in criminal defence investigations and family law. With a complete range of proven digital forensic capabilities, we are directed to retrieve digital evidence on a vast range of complex investigations.

Corporate Forensics

CY4 is an-industry leading company with experience in digital forensics specialising in Corporate Forensic Investigations. Our experts provide trusted expertise to reduce business risk. We assist profuse organisations from law firms and regulatory authorities to corporate businesses, SMEs and private clients.


Learn more about the factors that set us apart as leading digital forensic experts

At CY4, we strive to be the leading digital forensics and corporate forensics company in Malta by providing our clients with exceptional service, tailored solutions, and cutting-edge tools and techniques for digital investigation.

  • Highly experienced and certified digital forensic experts.
  • Cutting-edge tools and techniques for digital investigation.
  • Tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients.
  • Strong emphasis on legal admissibility of digital evidence.
  • Expertise in both digital and corporate forensics.
  • Exceptional service and support for our clients.
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Our Focus and Expertise

We focus on providing a quality, business aware approach and our diverse expertise enables us to give exceptional service to our clients’ within a vast range of sectors. With principle locations across Malta, as well as international experience, we are able to operate at a moments notice to facilitate your requirements.